Dave Smestuen

Chief Operating Officer

Dave Smestuen

Dave is Coyle's COO, having joined the company in 2021. As a former United States Marine Corps officer, he embodies the Core Values of the Marines: Honor, Courage, and Commitment. Honor means knowing what is right, Courage means taking action on what is right, and Commitment means staying dedicated to doing what is right even in challenging circumstances. Dave carries this unwavering commitment to Coyle, where he leads by example, ensuring exceptional service to clients throughout the firm.

Dave graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 2008 and has since taken a unique career path that has included running his own Texas barbecue business and developing quality assurance programs for security robotics companies. However, his commitment to his core values and leadership style has remained consistent throughout these experiences.

When not at work, Dave enjoys reading, writing, traveling, fishing, and hunting. He also supports and participates in the Arts, using his off-time to expand their influence within the veteran and active-duty community.

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