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Join our dynamic team where open communication, collaboration, and a client-centric mindset drive our culture.

The Coyle Dream Team

We envision a team where every member excels in their role and collaborates effectively to achieve shared goals. Our focus is not just on individual brilliance but on creating a harmonious environment where teamwork thrives. We value determination, a self-starter mentality, and a genuine commitment to the success of both the company and one's colleagues. We believe that when driven, passionate people come together, they not only inspire each other but also achieve greatness.

Feedback and Growth
At Coyle Financial, we believe in the power of continuous, candid feedback to drive personal and professional growth. We recognize that open communication, built on trust and positive intent, is vital for individual development and fostering strong professional relationships.

Our Values

At Coyle Financial, we consider an individual's alignment with the following values and skills crucial in thriving within our organization. If you resonate with these principles and the kind of colleagues you'd like to work with, you'll likely find a fulfilling experience with us.

01: Integrity
  • You prioritize honesty and truthfulness in all interactions.
  • You follow through on promises and commitments consistently.
  • You take responsibility for your actions and decisions, both successes and mistakes.
  • You handle sensitive information with utmost care and respect confidentiality.
02: Tenacious Determination
  • You persevere through challenges, consistently seeking innovative solutions and overcoming obstacles to benefit your clients.
  • Your relentless pursuit of excellence drives you to continuously improve and excel in your endeavors.
  • You approach your work with unyielding enthusiasm and persistence, embracing challenges as opportunities for growth and success.
03: Transparency
  • You willingly share relevant information, promoting a culture of openness and trust.
  • You provide clarity and straightforwardness in your actions and decisions.
  • You embrace transparency by ensuring that what you say about colleagues is something you would feel comfortable sharing with them directly.
04: Innovation
  • You consistently foster novel ideas, pushing the boundaries of innovation to achieve significant impacts.
  • You simplify complex processes, making them more efficient and user-friendly.
  • You challenge the status quo, actively seeking better strategies and solutions to drive progress.
  • You thrive in dynamic environments, adapting and excelling in the face of change and uncertainty.

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If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing right.

- Ed Coyle

Application 101

01. get started

Review our job listings carefully and determine the position you feel is the best fit for your experience and capability. You can always reach out to us for questions or clarifications about listed positions prior to applying.

02. apply

Click the link pertaining to the job in which you are interested, complete the application questionnaire, and then submit your resume (we prefer one page, if possible) along with a cover letter expressing your interest in joining our team. Highlight any experience or skills that you think sets yourself apart. Once you’ve submitted your application, you’ll receive a response from one of our team members notifying you that we’ve received it.

03. prep

Please review the materials on our website and our profiles on LinkedIn. We’ll definitely have questions for you, but come prepared with questions for us, as well. Not all our positions require extensive experience in our industry but take the time to learn a little bit about the nature of what we do and to determine why you’d like to work with us and how we can help you. Additionally, please screen your social media to make sure the online representation of yourself reflects a reasonably professional image.

04. interview

First, you’ll conduct a brief online interview with an HR representative as an initial screening. Next, you’ll interview with the person to whom you would directly report. You will then complete a 30-minute skill assessment along with a Kolbe A™ Instincts Test. Finally, you will conduct interviews with members of our executive team which may be either online or in-person (schedule permitting). Dress appropriately (business casual or better) and make an effort to look your best. For online interviews, make sure to identify a quiet place with a stable internet connection. Check and double check your camera and microphone before the interview begins.

05. consider offer

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! We will send you an offer letter with our basic expectations and starting salary, along with details about our benefits and bonus structure. You’ll typically have about a week to review and get back to us with an answer. Welcome aboard!

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Our Core Values

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01. get started

01. get started

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"The best part of the role is connecting with clients, offering support, and making a positive impact. The satisfaction comes from helping people find solutions and witnessing their relief and improved quality of life."

Megan Merrigan

Implementation Manager
"One of my favorite things at Coyle is welcoming all who come to the office and showing them they are a valuable part of our family."

Karyn Lachenschmidt

Office Manager
"The Leadership at Coyle genuinely accept who I am and foster my development."

Jenny Selvaggio

Wealth Advisor
"At Coyle, it's like being part of a close-knit family where flexibility is valued, employees come first, teamwork thrives. It builds my confidence every day."

Vicki Schauer

Financial Planning Specialist
"My favorite part about my role is helping families understand their financial outlook and watching them achieve their personal and financial goals."

Rebecca Fragassi

Service Advisor, CFP
"We all have each other's back, no matter the role in the firm or the task at hand. We truly work as a team for each other, and for our clients."

Rebecca Fragassi

Service Advisor, CFP
"In my job search, I had a checklist of essential criteria, and Coyle surpasses all expectations, offering inspiring work, a supportive team, and a strong sense of camaraderie. Working here feels like an investment in a company that invests in me, akin to the familial approach we take with clients."

Megan Merrigan

Implementation Manager
"My role is complex, autonomous yet collaborative, ever-evolving, and connects me with the entire firm."

Vicki Schauer

Financial Planning Specialist
"Coyle values aren't just a list of nice words and ideas to attain. They happen at Coyle every day."

Karyn Lachenschmidt

Office Manager
"I truly enjoy helping people and families."

Jenny Selvaggio

Wealth Advisor