The Surprising Revelation

Why Moving to a Retirement Community Now Can Change Everything


Adam Blonsky

Wealth Advisor, Partner

I recently paid a visit to Susan, a new client living in a continuous care retirement community. Our meeting turned out to be quite enlightening as we delved into her decision-making process and discussed the timing of her move. We enjoyed a delightful meal together, especially savoring the must-try mushroom soup.

Susan opened up about the true value she discovered in choosing her new home and why she ultimately decided to move when she did.

Community was a top priority for her. However, it wasn't until Susan found herself in the rehab wing after undergoing hip replacement surgery that she fully grasped the significance of her decision. Every day, a steady stream of friends would drop by to visit Susan, to play games or simply catch her up on what was happening in their lives.

Susan said to me: "Imagine if you had waited until the last possible moment to move in. Who would be there for you? Maybe your son, but most likely it would be the busy staff who don't truly know you, despite their kindness."

It made us ponder who would recover more quickly and happily under such circumstances.

As I made my way back to the office, Susan's words echoed in my mind. I thought about the countless reasons why people emphasize the importance of community and friendships when they speak with me. During our lunch, the atmosphere was filled with laughter, and I witnessed the sheer delight of reconnecting with someone who had been hard to reach due to their busy life. Yet, it was the voices of those absent, those in need of greater care, that kept resonating within me.

This led me to a clear realization: choosing to embrace the benefits of a retirement community goes beyond mere convenience or care.

It is a profound decision that can shape our well-being, happiness, and recovery in ways we might not expect. Susan's experience served as a powerful reminder that by moving in earlier than you think you need to, actively nurturing meaningful relationships and building a supportive network, individuals can truly thrive, even in the face of life's challenges. So, if you find yourself grappling with 'Why now?' when considering a move, think about all the benefits, intentional and unintentional, that can come your way.

Adam Blonsky

Wealth Advisor, Partner

Adam Blonsky is Wealth Advisor and Partner at Coyle Financial with over 25 years of experience in the investment industry. He specializes in guiding clients through the complex financial and emotional challenges that arise with aging.

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